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What is SERM?
Reputation management on the Internet, better known in the marketing environment under the short abbreviation SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) or as the reputation management in search results, is part of ORM (Online Reputation Management), which deals with reputation management throughout the Internet.

The SERM service appeared on the market not so long ago, but quickly got into the top must-haves for Internet marketers and brands due to the fact that in the world of the winning global internet, everyone has a voice, everyone can leave their feedback and influence someone's reputation. And it is very important that this voice speaks about you, your product or service.
Reputation management on the Internet, better known in the marketing environment under the short abbreviation SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management), reputation management in search results, is part of ORM (Online Reputation Management), which deals with reputation management throughout the Internet.
SERM service appeared on the market not so long ago, but quickly got into the top must have for Internet marketers and brands. Because in the world of the winning global network, everyone has a voice, everyone can leave their feedback and influence someone's reputation. And it is very important that this voice speaks about you, your product or service.
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So, what is online reputation management?

Imagine that you are a customer. You are interested in reviews about any brand, product or service. What is the first thing you will do today to find what you are interested in? Will you ask your friends, or browse thematic magazines? Of course not. You go to the Internet, open the sites like Google, Instagram, study reviews and comments on websites - the feedback, maybe even ask for advice from those who already have experience in this field.

Everything you find on the internet, on whatever site it is, is the reputation of a brand or a person. Reviews and feedback about products, discussions on forums, discussion threads in Yandex.Q and Mail Answers.<url> - all these are components of the foundation on which your image stands. People talk about you, leave reviews about you - your reputation works.

The task of SERM is to make it work for you, not against; to prioritize your potential customers to see only competent information and positive feedback about you and your services in the output, information in which there is no place for unmotivated discontent or unreliable facts.
SERM tasks
Leveling negative reviews: removing false information from sites on the first pages of the issue.
Displacement of negativity
Maintaining a positive image: posting verified information - positive reviews, discussions, articles containing accurate information.
Forming a positive opinion
Development of awareness of your real and potential customers about your products: reputation support, formation of its development strategy, positive communication with users.
Improving and maintaining reputation
Who needs the SERM support service?
- It is necessary to make adjustments to the positioning
- It is necessary to increase the loyalty of the audience
- Your products or services are presented in a negative way
You need these products roducts and services, if:
- Competitors create a negative information environment around your brand, specifically by writing negative reviews
- There is unreliable or outdated information about the company on the Internet
- The search results contain negative reviews and brand mentions
Any brand and company need these products and services if:
- You are building your image from scratch and you need positive feedback to start
- You have suffered reputational losses and need to restore your image
- You need to adjust your personal brand or completely update it
A public person needs these products and services if:
SERM helps to develop a stable positive positioning of the brand, to form a correct opinion about it based on well-developed reviews, which, in turn, always has a positive effect on increasing the profitability of the business and, in the end, always leads to its growth.
A competent SERM will help you to:
In addition to the obvious and main profit from SERM support - improving the image and reducing reputational risks - this service also helps to solve a number of financial and retail tasks.
SERM is an excellent tool for increasing sales.
What financial benefits will you get from SERM?
increase the overall loyal audience
expand sales markets
raise the amount of the average check
stimulate sales growth
inform users about new products
retain customers and attract new ones
show your sales channels to the audience
elevate interest in your brand and services
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How do we do SERM?
The online reputation management strategy is based on four cornerstones - analysis, strategy, cleaning and displacement, and correction. This cycle repeats constantly, allowing you to flexibly respond to news events, social changes, customer requests and the general market situation.
At this stage, Sidorin Lab specialists conduct various studies on the weaknesses of your Internet reputation and prepare statistical reports necessary to develop a competent strategy. At the same stage, active work is carried out with the marketing department of the client, identifying key requests and problems of the brand or product.
On the basis of which further work is being carried out, the SERM support strategy usually includes a list of sites and platforms on which the displacement of negativity will be carried out, the type and volume of the displacing content (positive articles, reviews, discussions), topics and news events, including key dates for the market, as well as other tools, depending on the type of tasks.
Cleaning and displacement
During this period, marketers, copywriters, editors and managers of Sidorin Lab are working to create positive native content for existing or specially prepared sites for the company, as well as to displace all the negativity that prevents your reputation from developing in the right direction: create positive reviews, discussions and articles, post them on various resources, monitor the reaction of the audience and correspond with the owners of sites where aggressive and unreliable information about the company was posted.
At the end of each SERM strategic planning cycle, our specialists analyze the data adjusted for the information received: which channels worked better, which content - positive reviews, articles or discussions - received a greater response. After that, they make updated individual plans for further work with the brand or product.
What is included in our SERM complex?
To improve our reputation, we offer to work with the search results for your search query. As we know, before making a purchase decision, consumers search online for reviews of a product or service, and 64% of them make a decision based on what they read. We also know that the average consumer rarely leaves a review if he is satisfied with everything. However, the vast majority of consumers will write reviews if they are not satisfied with the quality. Therefore, the brand needs to control what is written about it and in what context.
Working with Yandex and Google results

Displacement of negativity from search results
Creating a positive PR
Creating content islands and increasing reach
Replacing negative information from the first lines of search results
Creating satellite sites that show the positive features of your brand or persona
The difference between an eternal link and a temporary (rented) one is that the cost of an eternal one is higher but only paid once, while the cost of a temporary one is lower, but paid monthly

** temporary links are links that "hang" on the donor site for some time (for example, several months), after which you will have to pay again for their further placement.
* eternal links are links to a resource (site) that are placed on someone else's site for the entire duration of its existence.
When working with SERM, the following groups of factors are among the most important:
Yandex and Google take into account hundreds of ranking factors. In the framework of the SEO optimizers, only part of them affect and are related to external resource optimization.

Ranking factors
The presence of eternal links*
The presence of temporary links**
Availability of social links
Number of links
Link quality
Clickability (CTR)
Duration of stay on the site (refusals)
Repeated site visits
Viewing depth (how many pages have been viewed by the user)
Content update frequency
The volume of updated content
Number of comments on the site
Stages of working with Sidorin Lab
The main values that Sidorin Lab shares and supports are transparency in customer relations, efficiency in solving their tasks and an individual approach.
Semantic core
First, we will define the semantic core in accordance with your task - we will find the necessary search queries that characterize your activity or product.
Audit of search results
Dedicated to the semantic kernel analyze the sites in the search results Yandex and Google, treating the top 10 and top 20 results.
Formation of the work strategy
Based on the information received, we will develop and coordinate with you a promotion strategy and adjustments for each of the allocated resources: we will displace something, delete something, replace the type of content on some sites - for example, switch from short positive reviews to expanded ones, work with visual content.
This is followed by promotion. At this stage, we will work with various ranking factors - link mass, behavioral and content factors.
Content Islands
In accordance with the chosen strategy, we will gradually work on creating "content islands" on the right sites - adding new reviews and articles and improving existing ones, gradually forming the image of his product or brand that the client needs.
At the end of the cycle, a report will be generated, on the basis of which it will be possible to draw up a strategy for the next stage of promotion.
We practice an individual approach to working with clients. The prices of Sidorin Lab’s services depend on the goals and objectives of a particular project. Depending on this, we select a convenient and, most importantly, suitable tariff for you.

The prices of the SERM services are influenced by many factors, including the source data, the number and sources of negativity, the volume and complexity of the content necessary to achieve the result. Based on this, we select a convenient and, most importantly, reasonable tariff for you.
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SERM persons
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International SERM
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In 95% of the cases, any work on reputation marketing in our company is protected by the NDA framework. Therefore, we decided to not just tell you about how someone’s reputation was bad, then we appeared, and everything became good.

We want to tell you about real cases and after studying them, you will be able to apply our experience and solve some of the tasks of managing the reputation of your brand.

Negative feedback from employees

An employee dissatisfied with their dismissal posted five reviews online, in which he indicated that the company had not been paying wages for months.

In the text of these reviews, he mentioned the full name of the director, several employees and the name of the organization.

Our actions

1. Contacted the sites
The legal department of the company contacted the sites where these reviews were posted

2. Made a claim
The legal team pointed out that the publications contain personal data of the head and a number of employees.

3. Monitor or pads
Three of the five sites removed the negative review within a day, white the remaining two ignored the request.

4. Sent a request to the RCN
Then the lawyers sent information about the disclosure of personal data to Roskomnadzor

5. Carried out control
Ten days later, these reviews were also deleted.
Negative article in a major media

One publication posted an article that the brand's products are harmful to health. Allegedly, a study was conducted, however, it was unclear in which laboratory and by whom.

This information did not specify which technologies were used for the analysis. Such materials should contain accurate information about all the details of the study, as well as the basis on which this judgment was made. The same article stated only that the brand's products are harmful, and this conclusion was made by the authors of the article after analyzing several samples of products from a number of manufacturers. The results of some tests were not very good: the researchers found certain components that cause harm to health. At the end of the article there was a call: "do not buy harmful products." The publication was quite large and had a wide audience and the client caught this late and did not immediately contact us. The spread of negativity was extensive - more than 100 media outlets. The information about the products appeared around ten o'clock in the morning. However, the representative of the brand called us only at twelve in the afternoon. On the same day, we went to a meeting with a client in order to clarify all the circumstances.

Our actions

1. Studied the refutations
We have raised all the studies and certificates on the quality of the brand's products. As it turned out, there is nothing harmful in them. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, meaning the article absolutely misinformed the buyers.

2. We started with negotiations with the original source
The dialogue with the editor did not work out. Time passed, and quite a large number of other information resources, including regional ones, replicated the article. The negativity had gone to social networks. Urgent action was required.

3. We worked closely with the client and our lawyer
A material was promptly prepared to refute this information. Our specialist has prepared official letters of appeal to the media.

4. We started working with each media separately
Our team was looking for the editor of each of the publications in all possible ways. We had to make inquiries through social networks, because not all resources have the contact information of the key people to whom the publication is registered. Turning to the editors and founders, we asked them to delete the false information. Many refused, referring to the primary sources and shifting responsibility to them. They were ready to agree to the removal of the article if the original source did it. But the "hype" edition did not make concessions.

5. We have achieved a refutation on the original source
A few days later, a refutation was published on its pages. By this time, we had extinguished the spread of negativity to the maximum: we had the information deleted, published an article that the brand had refuted false information, published reliable evidence and research.
Reflection of a planned information attack

Our company was contacted by a client against whom a legal organization was working. A whole staff of lawyers placed advertisements under the guise of reviews on all kinds of "responses", comment sites and other Internet resources.

The goal was to find buyers offended by the brand. The following text was placed in mass announcements: "If you were deceived by such and such company, contact us, we will win in court and resolve all issues in your favor." Then, contact information and a link to the site were given. That is, the brand itself was used as unfair advertising of services. In addition, advertising in comments is prohibited on the "otzoviki" sites. This is one of the strict rules that cannot be broken. 

Our actions

1. We have assembled the sites
We collected a list of sites where there were mentions.

2. Analyzed the list
The analytics department of Sidorin Lab has carried out a thorough work on the analysis of such sites in order to identify the information we were interested in and eliminate unnecessary data.

3. Made a selection
Based on these data, we have compiled information with responses, negatives, and links.

4. We have connected the legal department
Based on this information, we have moved from the plane of Internet activity to the legal one. Our legal department started drafting a written request. The fact is that advertising in reviews is prohibited on such sites, so we turned to resource administrators. Thus, in two or three days we managed to remove 120 negative reviews from several resources. After that, only real user responses remained, and the amount of negativity decreased dramatically.
Sidorin Lab is a leader in online reputation management. We were at the origins of the development of this direction and were one of the first to offer the SERM-support service to the market. That is why we have the deepest and most extensive expertise in this field.

For more than 10 years of Sidorin Lab's existence, our agency has gained experience working with the largest brands and media personalities in almost all areas of business and at the same time has retained the principles of an individual approach to work.
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